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Since 1992, Computer 1 Products has been a full-service Minority Owned IT Solution provider. Providing IT products and services to a myriad of customers and vertical markets. Our clients range from federal, state and local government agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Our Unique proactive approach to IT management has been saving our clients Valuable time and improving their business Efficiency. In addition to offering cutting edge, computer and networking technologies, we strive to always deliver a unsurpassed level of customer care, support and assistance

Why C1P Solutions?

People come to us in the following situations:
– Frustrated by the response time.
– Loosing productivity and getting hit on their revenues due to network issues.
– Spend time on solving same issues multiple times.
– Keep on revisiting network issues because of lack of proper documentation.
– Spending much more on monthly invoices and infrastructure.

Customer Service & Support

– Dedicated phone and email Support.

– 24 x 7 Remote Support.

– Onsite professional Services.

– Access to opening tickets.

– Dedicated point of contact.

Network Status Data Collection & Analysis

– Analysis of Network and Server health including quarterly analysis.

– Performance and Utilization Baselines.

– Asset Management, Inventory & Tracking.

– Trending and Forecasting Failures before they occur.

Network & Security Management

– 24×7 real time security monitoring.

– Monitoring events, Errors, Process utilization, memory and Network services.

– Business critical function availability monitoring.

– System Performance reporting.

Monitoring & Reporting

– Critical Security and operating system Patch Management.

– Network, Firewall, Switch, & IDS.

– Web Site Content Filtering.

– Spam & Virus Filtering for Emails.

– Backup & Disaster Recovery management.


Learning how to fully take advantage of the myriad of technology solutions that are available is an essential step to become a successful business. Many companies still struggle with finding a strategy that suits their IT needs while helping them to achieve their particular objectives.

Besides, finding the right balance between tools available and strategies can be a long and daunting process. This is why, as business owners, we need to be considerate and thoughtful when looking for a technology consultation process.

Computer 1 Products was born around the idea of helping companies choose the most adequate and appropriate strategy, taking advantage of the right tools, thus achieving their goals without sacrificing valuable resources like time or money. Our IT Consulting services include Technology Consultation for your business, along with Project Management, as well as planning and completing Cloud Migrations.


Now more than ever, planning and implementing cyber security strategies should be one of the top priorities for any business. Protecting our computers, servers, electronic systems, mobile devices, and data from malicious attacks must be treated with the utmost importance and urgency. The consequences of falling victim to a cyber-attack could be disastrous, regardless of the kind of business that we run.

In order to obtain an integral and thorough protection system, we work on different areas and elements of cyber security. Such areas include Networking Segmentation, Firewalls, Security Information and Event Management strategies, Internet Provider Security, etcetera.

We also work with smart solutions regarding Internet of Things services, surveillance solutions like CCTV and Security Access Control, Staff Training, and cyber security lectures. This way, we are able to provide a strong set of protection systems and practices that will ensure you and your company are protected against any malicious attacks and security breaches.


Even when the cloud is nothing new and has been around for quite some time, a certain level of confusion still exists regarding what exactly the cloud is. There is a wide plethora of cloud services with which we interact every day, for both our business and personal processes. Whether we share documents with our colleagues, store customers’ information, check the traffic situation, etcetera, we rely on the cloud and the information stored there.

Choosing the best cloud services provider for our company can turn into a daunting and extensive task, as we must make sure such a partner fully understands the needs of our business. Being experts in the field of IT solutions, we offer a personalized and tailored service that will result in the planning, development, and implementation of the best cloud strategy for your business.

We work with a wide variety of cloud providers, and our experience in the field allows us to enhance the cloud experience by offering a broad set of cloud maintenance altogether. Some of these include Office 365 and Quadrotech for email migration management, including email back up and email encryption.

We also offer cloud vendor management and cloud migration services, as well as different Co-location centers and companies like CoreSite and Equinox. In addition, our experience in the field allows us to provide management and support to our clients whether they decide to use a private cloud provider like dinCloud or CoreSite, or a public cloud provider such as Azure, AWS, and Google.


Having a dedicated team of IT support hired directly by our company tends to elevate operation costs of any business quite significantly. This can become quite a financial burden, especially for small and medium businesses, as it means investing in the proper infrastructure, facilities, equipment, software, and personnel. As Managed Services Providers, we offer a wide set of IT services and solutions that will ensure a professional, smart investment for you and your company.

Our team consists of experts in the fields of technology and innovation and will work with you shoulder-to-shoulder in order to provide personalized and tailored technology strategies. Whether you are looking for professional consulting services, operational support, conversion or migration support, and any other IT service, C1P Solutions is the best partner for your company.

Here at C1P, we are experts in providing security services such as security assessment, spam email, passwords, security awareness, Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response, Multi-Factor Authentication, computer updates, and dark web research. We also have plenty of experience with log management, and event management, web security gateway, mobile device security, firewalls, encryption, and backups for your business.


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